I’ll Do More of…. in 2019

First and foremost! I am SO excited for a new year! I am excited for new beginnings in 2019 and for new connections! The hubby and I will be back in the south (God willing – send us all the prayers y ‘all) and I will hopefully be having so many sister dates with my sissy, seeing my great aunt (Sister Celine, who is one of my very best friends) at the convent as much as possible,  lots of movie dates with my mama and cousins and having tons of coffee dates with my friends! To say I am excited would be an understatement!

For the new year, here are a few things I would like to do more of! Not listed in any specific order.

Reading My Bible:


My relationship with God hit an all new level in 2018 and I plan on growing into a deeper community with Him! That includes learning more and more about Him. I plan on diving more and more into scripture both individually and with my husband in 2019. Something we started doing this past year was reading a Proverbs chapter a day (there are 31 chapters – perfection), normally in the mornings while we sit and have our morning coffee. It has been a game changer for us! We want to go deeper into this habit and really start studying scripture and dissecting what we read in order to go deeper. We want to learn MORE about Him and His ways. We want to get to know our Father and who He wants us to be and what He expects from us. We learn TRUTH in the WORD! So, reading more scripture is a HUGE part of my 2019 goals.

P.S. If you are looking for a new Bible, I have reviewed two amazing Bibles that you would LOVE! You can check out reviews at my book review blog. The Spirit Filled Life Bible and the Minister’s Bible for pastors and ministers – both AMAZING Bibles!

Growing Spiritually With this Hunk:


Pouring into my marriage has never been something I lacked, but I def want to keep growing more and more into the wife God has called me to be, and the wife Darin deserves. Our marriage moved into a whole new spiritual level this year and I want to keep riding this spiritual ride with this handsome husband of mine. I have seen Darin grow more and more into the man of God he was created to be. He has taken the reigns of leading our marriage, me and this little family of ours in a way that awes me daily. He has always led us, but something shifted in a major way this year and it has been amazing! It wasn’t an easy ride, we had some struggles along the way BUT thank GOD for those struggles because He met us where we were. He met us where our marriage was and where we were individually and elevated us to a whole new level. I wouldn’t change any of our struggles or hardships for anything! God knew what He was doing when He allowed some mess to happen! The Addis duo has some AMAZING things happening in ministry. God is directing us to build the Kingdom together and I CANNOT wait for us to help shine HIS light and speak HIS truth! I am so ecstatic to do this with my husband! Doing ministry with my husband are prayers answered. Prayers that were prayed for many years before I even met Darin! God is so good y’all! If you are single and reading this, wait for him – he is out there! I promise!

Spending Time with Girlfriends:


Living away from TX and close friends has made me truly see the value of community and strong connections. I haven’t been on a coffee date with a girlfriend in SO long. I haven’t just sat and talked about Jesus and all the ways we are growing. I haven’t had a chance to encourage a girlfriend in an area of her life that she is struggling with and vice versa. I haven’t been able to go get Pho on a cold day and just chat about marriage, ministry and all that God is doing in our lives! I did not realize how important those moments were, until I no longer had them. My girls matter and I CANNOT wait to be back in the trenches with them, doing LIFE with them! Hold your tribe tight y’all! They truly matter!

Loving My Body and Taking Care of Her:


The past two years have been trial and error of finding the perfect PCOS and fertility diet for me. My body has been through the wringer with multiple miscarriages, cyst ruptures, inflammation, illness and so much stress! Since I FINALLY found the exact diet I need to be on, I plan on loving this body of mine SO MUCH BETTER in 2019. I want to work out more, stick to my strict diet better, drink more protein shakes that are packed with all the nutrients and goodness she needs, nurture her and honor her more than what I ever have before! She has been through some stress throughout her life, and I hope this is the year she can finally just be healthy and FEEL GOOD! I’ll be sharing more of this health journey throughout the year. I really wanted to get the diet I needed to be on before I started sharing a ton and I finally feel confident in that diet to start sharing more and more! If you have PCOS or trying to conceive, I hope to be a cheerleader and giver of knowledge for ya in this area!

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Drinking More Hot Tea & Just Relaxing: 

20181228_192051_HDR_1546057616951 I am a tea drinker through and through! I love to drink it daily BUT rarely will I just sit and have a cup of hot tea and do nothing. I am normally reading a book, talking with the hubby, scrolling through social media, reading a blog or doing business. In 2019, I want to simply drink a cup of hot delicious tea and just be in the moment. I want to take in every detail of the steeped flavors and sit in gratitude of this beautiful life I live.


Reading More Fiction:


I am not much of a fiction reader. I tend to be drawn to self-help and faith based books. I guess the life coach in me likes to read about things that can help me or my clients in everyday life. I decided to join The Book of the Month Club last month and started reading Spinning Silver and FELL in love with this book! I forgot what it was like to just read a fiction book and get lost in fantasy land (without having to take notes because I am reviewing it). It has allowed my brain to rest from the busyness of life and just enjoy a made up character’s journey! By the way, if you haven’t read Spinning Silver, you gotta! SO GOOD!

So, these are just a few things I want to do more of in the new year! I def have more on my list, but that might be a really LONG blog post haha! I hope this helps you think of more things to do more of in the new year!

Please share with me what you plan on doing more of in the comments section! I can’t wait to hear from you and HAPPY NEW YEAR FRIEND!!!!


Friendship – Accountability or Criticism?

So, last week on my Tuesday Tea with Cryssie over on Facebook, I talked about how to be a good friend to somebody who has experienced pregnancy loss. Today, I thought I would write a blog on the importance of loving one another….flaws and all. Ephesians 4:32 teaches us to be kind one to another, tender-hearted, forgiving one another, as God has forgiven us.

Friendship is hard. Much like marriage, it requires a selfless heart. It is difficult to maintain a long healthy friendship if one or both parties are selfish. I have been both the selfish friend and the selfless friend. Today, I want to touch on some ways that we can all work on being selfless friends.

First and foremost, we have to accept the other person. We are all flawed human beings and we all have room for growth. It is unrealistic to think that anybody in this world is perfect. That’s selfish of us. There is a reason why God tells us that we are to only worship Him. When we put expectations of perfection on other people, they will fail us. When they fail us, we all walk away feeling brokenhearted and disappointed. On that note, one might confuse helping a friend with criticizing a friend. Let’s face it, friendship should also have an element of accountability. We want friends in our lives who will encourage us to walk right with the Lord, and who is not afraid to love our spiritual walk more than fear of upsetting us.

So, how do we know when a friend just needs total acceptance or needs encouragement (accountability) to grow? I would encourage you to first and foremost, pray. Prayer is a must in any relationship. Allowing God to step in and guide the relationship will allow your friendship to grow in love and in peace. My advice to this topic would be that criticism would be a judgement about somebody’s personality or character trait. Holding somebody accountable for something is when we speak up to a friend who is doing something that defiles the word of God or themselves. These things are two totally different things, yet often we think they are the same thing. For example, complaining about how somebody talks, or how they do their makeup is criticizing that person, but setting a friend down to talk with her about getting drunk and sleeping around with several guys is holding her accountable. It is telling her that you love her and that she is precious and reminding her of who God says she is. Now, if you were to make fun of her or talk badly behind her back for her decisions, then that changes over to criticism and gossip. You never want to gossip.

Bottom Line, love your friends for who they are. If they are going down a road that takes them away from Jesus, help steer her back to Him, but don’t judge. Just love where she is. God loves us all where we are, and we should extend that same type of love.

If you find that a friend doesn’t want to change and is dragging you down with her, then pray about it and seek God’s answer on what to do with that relationship. He might need you to love her from a distance for a season, but that doesn’t mean you get the green light to put her down or start talking badly.

Next week, we’ll talk about keeping in contact with our friends. Friendships and community weren’t designed for us to be absent in them, they were designed for us to love, edify and help one another. We can’t do those things if we are an absentee friend. I’m preaching to myself when I say that being busy is not an excuse, being busy is a crutch and is incredibly selfish. We make time for what matters…but we’ll talk more about that next week.