His Faith in Us

Have you ever battled with your faith? Have you ever had one of those seasons where things just cannot seem to fall into place? You can’t seem to make anybody happy? You can’t seem to get the bills paid on time? You can’t seem to keep from making your significant other upset? You can’t do anything right at work? You can’t seem to stay on track with your diet? The list can go on and on of things that can go wrong all in the same season.

Life has taught me that things in life are never consistent. Relationships, finances, work load, and even at times our hope is not consistent. I have learned there is one thing that is always consistent, God’s love. His love is everlasting. He is faithful to us even when we are not so faithful to Him. He stands by our side even when we are pushing Him away. He hears our hopes and thoughts even when we are not praying.

I have had moments in life where I literally felt drained of all hope. I wasn’t even sure if I could put my hands together to pray, but then God reaches in and puts my hands together FOR me. He gets me out of the pits of hell when I’m not sure how I even got there. I have had moments where life overcomes me and overcomes my ability to believe….. but then there He is to remind me, BELIEVE!

Faith is sometimes a battle. Sometimes it is so hard to have faith that there is a better tomorrow. Can you imagine what life would be like if we had the faith in God that He has in us? God’s faith in us is so remarkable. He believes in us more than anybody ever will. He knows we can change lives. He knows we can get that promotion at work. He knows we can get that degree, write that book, or get that job. He knows we can be who He called us to be. He doesn’t give up on us. He knows what He created us for and He knows WE-ARE-CAPABLE!

Sometimes it might seem easier to just give up and stop having faith, but doing that will be more painful and a lot harder in the long run. God’s love is everlasting and His faith in us is phenomenal. Just remember the next time your faith seems to have disappeared, that God’s faith in us isn’t going anywhere.

Maybe everybody in the world has given up on you and you have given up on yourself but He hasn’t……and He never will.

His love and faith endures forever.

The Faces of Grief

Grief. A word that many people want to skip over. We don’t want to admit the sting it has on our souls. We want to skip over it and move forward without facing it. I get it. I did this for over a decade. I experienced pregnancy loss for the first time in my early 20s. I was young, unmarried and SO LOST!

There are many faces that grief can take on. There is anger, guilt, sadness, loneliness, shame, fear, bitterness, depression, physical pain, inability to focus, eating too much, eating too little, sleeping to much or insomnia. With pregnancy or infertility grief, I would even say we go through this painful and unique yearning. We yearn for our baby we lost.

The faces of grief can seem so ugly. We want to run away from them. BUT, what IF, what if the faces of grief can be beauty? What if God wants to turn our pain around into a purpose, into a hope? What if you have the power to choose what face of grief looks like on your journey of healing? The thing is, that we do. We have the power within ourselves to choose beauty or ashes, hope or hopelessness, joy or sadness. Trust me, I know this sounds SO hard. I have been there. BUT when I finally got to a point where I could understand this truth, I was set free. Sure, my heart still ached for the babies I have lost (I’m guessing my heart always will), BUT I CHOSE that pain to have purpose. I chose for that pain to be turned into love and a closer relationship with Him.

I chose to allow God to turn the faces of grief I was experiencing to faces of love, grace, joy, acceptance, mercy, courage, hope, healing and health. We need him to experience a different kind of grief, one that is not of the world.

What faces of grief are you experiencing today? Let go and let God love you through!