Thanksgiving is Upon Us! WOOT!

I cannot believe we are SO close to Thanksgiving! Seriously, it feels like Fall just started!! Before we get into sharing and seeing adorable Christmas pics, I thought I would share some of my favorite fall photos this year!

Gah, such a beautiful area! Darin and I sure will miss the beautiful fall foliage when we move back to the south! Oregon will always have a special place in our heart that’s for sure!

Share your favorite fall pics with me below! I would love to see what fall looks like in your area!

Naturebox Nom Noms

I can never get enough of my amazing Naturebox snacks! When my PCOS Specialist told me I would need to go gluten free, I was terrified!

All the good foods have gluten, right!?



I found this amazing snack……that is GLUTEN FREE!!!!!!  They are Dark Cocoa Nom Noms and they are AMAZING!!!! Check out their website here and get $20 off on me!