Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness is a super special month for me.  This month is a month of not only spreading awareness of this tragedy but it’s also an opportunity for us to remind mommies that they are loved and cherished!

Pregnancy and infant loss affects more than just the woman but this loss affects the whole family!  When a woman experiences a pregnancy loss, they don’t lose “just a pregnancy” but they lose a child.  I have personally experienced multiple pregnancy losses and each one has been devastating.  I think about each child at different times and my heart aches for each of them.  My husband and I currently do not have a living child and sometimes that reality breaks my heart.

This type of loss is real.  If you know somebody that has experienced pregnancy or infant loss, please know that they lost their child.  They experienced a death in their family and that type of pain doesn’t go away over night!

Use this month as an opportunity to pray for the women and families in your life who have experienced this type of loss.  Reach out to them and remind them that you love them and that today, you remember their little angel.  When somebody loses a grandma or grandpa, we acknowledge that loss and comfort them.  We should offer that same support for a woman who has lost a pregnancy or a newborn.

I’m thankful for this month and I’m thankful that women are speaking up more when it comes to their broken hearts and are breaking the shame when it comes to pregnancy loss!!  My heart is with all of you women and families who have gone through this! I’m praying for you and I love you! You are more than a mother who lost your baby but you are a mother of courage and love!

Saturday 6

It’s Saturday…….er…technically it’s Sunday, as its 2am but I haven’t slept yet so……in Cryssie Land it’s still Saturday!!!!

Whoa, this week has been SO busy and full of creating so I won’t have a hard time listing six fun facts about my past week!


Saturday 6 One:

I created the best Borscht that had some amazing ingredients and…… hubby loved it for the win! (Recipe to come soon!)

IMG_8497 (1).JPG

Saturday 6 Two:

Holly’s Birthday was Tuesday and we had SO much fun celebrating her!  When Darin got home from work, we took her and Daisy to a park in the middle of the forest and went on a hike! Then she ate a big fat hamburger for her  birthday (her first human meal).


Saturday 6 Three:

Darin and I enjoyed the Portland Night Market last night with some friends and had a great time!!!!  The food was amazing and the atmosphere was pleasant.  We will definitely go to another one later!

Saturday 6 Four:

Darin and I spent our Saturday watching old TGIF shows…..we did this all day y’all!  Hulu now has so many of the shows finally!!!!!  I remember when I saw they had finally added Golden Girls…..Oh my goodness y’all…..such a great day! Now they just need to get Three’s Company and I’ll be happy!.


Saturday 6 Day Five:

Lazy, rainy, chilly Saturday – need I say more?


Saturday 6 Day Six:

Last but not least….. Hubby and I brain stormed this week and did so much creating for Project Purpose!  I’m excited to see what doors the Lord opens and I’m SO very thankful he blessed me with a husband who full on supports my dreams and encourages me every step of the way!  I’m blessed!


God is good.