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One Week In and Just Like That – Back to Good

Ah – It’s been such a busy couple of weeks and I haven’t had time to update you all on where we are with our new diet.

We started the carnivore diet a few days before June 1st. We were anxious to get back on track with healthy eating. Upon moving back to Texas, our diets were OFF THE WALL! So, getting back on something was exactly what we needed.

So, where are we? We did the diet for a week and decided to go ahead and start adding foods (greens and fruits) back in. We love the outcome that people have had with the carnivore diet, BUT we were mainly using it to eliminate all the things so that we could start fresh from our moving madness. Although, we expected to do it longer haha…..we are extremely satisfied with what the carnivore diet did for us. It allowed us to reset our eating habits and get back to good. We are still off everyday coffee and sweets, but have all the good things back in that nourish our bodies. God is good!


Wish I would have been able document more BUT we did it for a week and felt led to get back on our old diet! So, if you learn anything from this, follow the health plan YOU need to be on. For us, it’s a healthy balance of all the greens, fruits, protein and water – cutting out gluten, sugar and dairy! I also implement protein shakes into my everyday! I was off those but recently started drinking them again! 🙂 If you are one who likes milk in your shakes, almond milk is a good replacement from dairy.

I’m always here if you have questions on my PCOS and Fertility diet! 🙂

Fertility, Health, Infertility, PCOS, Womanhood

Trying Something New for PCOS

Okay y’all – I am trying something new! Have you heard of the carnivore diet? It is a plant-free diet, that typically excludes high carb dairy, so it’s a low or zero carb diet…….annnnnnd it is something that can really help with PCOS – at least to help eliminate foods that really effect us.


I plan on documenting this diet for all of my PCOS Cysters!

I have read COUNTLESS stories of it also helping with fertility – FINGERS CROSSED! haha

I’m super excited about this next season of my life and can’t wait to bring you on the journey!

Now bring on all the steak!!!!