Natalie’s Essential Oils Saved My Elbows

Have you ever heard of acanthosis nigricans? Yeah, neither had I until I started learning more about PCOS. Acanthosis nigricans is a skin condition very similar to eczema! Because PCOS patients tend to have insulin resistance, the high insulin levels in our bodies can cause skin problems.

I have struggled with this issue on my elbows for many years, not knowing what to do about it. It’s embarrassing to say the least. For the longest time, I have been SO scared to wear short sleeves.


I am so thankful for a sweet friend’s gift a few months ago. Natalie makes her own essential oils and skin product. I am a fan of all natural, so you can imagine my excitement when the hubby came home with these sweet gifts in hand (he works with Natalie’s boyfriend, Gunning).


I have been using the oil ever since. I am almost done with the bottle, so guess I’m going to have to purchase some from her soon!


I use the oil on my elbows every morning, by just using one drop and rubbing it in. The face scrub, I use every Sunday as a part of my self-care Sunday! It smells so good, and makes my face feel clean and soft!



If you aren’t a believer in essential oils, please reconsider! This oil has cleared up my skin conditions, and I couldn’t be more grateful!

I can’t wait to wear short sleeves this summer, and feel confident when I do!!! Thank you Natalie for the most precious gift of summer confidence!

Growing Old Together

“The secret of a happy marriage is finding the right person. You know they’re right if you love to be with them all  of the time.” Julia Child


Oh, I love that I get to grow old with my forever date, and we literally celebrate growing old together the same week we celebrate our love! Darin’s birthday is Feb 25th, our anniversary is Feb. 27th and then my birthday is March 1st. We have a beautiful week of love and growing old together, and every year we celebrate is magnificent!

For hubby’s birthday we ate BAD food and and enjoyed a day out and about in Downtown Portland. Hubby isn’t much of a birthday guy, so he doesn’t really like to do much. We do acknowledge it, but we keep it pretty simple at his request.

For our anniversary, hubby surprised me with an awesome movie night to watch my FAVORITE movie on the big screen, Devil Wears Prada!!!!!

Single gals, when you get married, choose a guy who gets you and will watch girly movies with you!!!! Haha….. well, there are many other factors that should come in when choosing your life mate, BUT those two are pretty important too!

My birthday was super fun! Hubby gifted me with ALL of my most favorite health foods (I’m a health nut), my favorite flowers and a nice evening at one of our favorite restaurants in Portland.


The week was AMAZING. I love celebrating my husband and our love more than anything! Marriage has been so much fun for us! We have grown together and supported one another’s dreams! I’m so thankful for marriage and for the life God has given me!


Gals, if you haven’t tried ImPRESS Nails yet, you are missing out! They are easy to apply, last for days, even weeks at times (really depends on your line of work). I work from home on my computer, so I have been able to keep these nails on for over three weeks before! #WINNING

I wore the Macarena nails for mine and hubby’s three year anniversary, and the hubby thought they were HOT!! They went perfect with my anniversary outfit and fit the romantic night perfectly!


You can order your own pair by visiting ImPRESS Nails! This is NOT an affiliate or sponsored post, I just really LOVE these nails!