Sweet Fragrances Sweet Joy

Hi y’all! I hope your days going into summer are bringing some much needed time to stop, breathe, and embracing a joyful heart.

With a lot of towns and cities starting to open back up, it’s exciting to lean into things that make us smile and bring a little bit of sweetness to life. For me, certain fragrances tend to bring a smile on my face. That’s why I have truly enjoyed Wild Spirit Spring Jasmine as a part of my daily use lately.

In this perfume, I have enjoyed notes of fresh green apple, vanilla, jasmine and hints of blackcurrant, & clove with a pinch of Sichuan pepper. This beautiful fragrance contains NATURAL essential oils including Bergamot, Blackcurrant, Clove, Lemon, & Sichuan Pepper.


This is truly a beautiful scent, BUT the FUN thing about this brand, is that there are SO many more to choose from. I received the signature scent, Wildly Yours, but cannot wait to try some of the other signature scents. Take the quiz here and make sure to come back and tell me which signature fragrance you got!!

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