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Sunshine and Smiles

Ah – I am LOVING the sunshine and joy that has been upon my life lately! God is sooooo good! Here’s the thing, we are broke and in the midst of launching Egret.Work, SO life is CRAZY right now……BUT GOD! I have had so much joy the past few days and it is because I feel right in alignment with the will of God for our lives! So many changes and transitions have been upon Darin and I over the past couple of months (heck even just this past week), BUT GOD! Obedience continues to be our mantra and He continues to honor our heart to please HIM and ONLY HIM!


This past week was one of the best weeks since we moved back home to Texas. We spent time with family, friends, worked on Egret SO MUCH, met some amazing peeps, a podcast I was a guest on (my first guest appearance) dropped this week AND we on-boarded an amazing new client! She is a God fearing super successful business gal who I have already learned SO much about business from, which is SO VALUABLE right now with our stage of starting  Egret. Also, in case you are wondering – we also made the tough decision of leaving the morning show on the radio. GREAT ministry BUT after a ton of praying and conversation between Darin and I, we had to take a time out for a moment. BUT we are still major supporters of the BIG things they are doing in this beautiful community and hope to partner with them in the near future.



There have been some other changes that have happened (not ready to speak out about it just yet) – but I know God sees my heart and His ways are not my ways. It’s amazing how God takes disappointments and turns them into blessings. He truly does make beauty out of ashes! I am so thankful for His grace and love!

How has transition been a blessing in your life? I would LOVE to know!


For the cute little jumpsuit I am wearing above, check it out on Shoedazzle – search for the Utility Jumpsuit (they have it in both blue and green)! It is SO comfortable and completely adorable!

*I am an affiliate for Shoedazzle.


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