Feeling Better with PCOS

Oh my goodness y’all! I can’t get over how amazing I have been feeling lately! After my last cyst rupture, I was terrified of the continued feeling bad. Thankfully, I serve a bigger God that exceeds above and beyond for me! It has been a long road to healing, but I am thankful I chose it! I have completely changed my eating habits, sleeping habits and being more active. I used to eat SO bad y’all, like BAD! And NO WATER! I literally drank Dr. Pepper’s everyday all day and had zero water in my diet. I look back now and cannot believe I even made it this long.

I am thankful for a husband who came into my life and encouraged me to beat PCOS! He encouraged me to eat better and challenged me when I needed it. He has been my constant support in this fight.

We don’t all have that kind of support, so I want you to know that if you need some encouragement, I am here for ya! I want to challenge you to take your health seriously. I was talking with a friend this afternoon in our usually meeting place at our apartment complex coffee shop, and we were talking about health and how most people are not taking care of themselves. It matters what we put IN and ON our bodies y’all. Make sure you are eating nourishing foods. Make sure you are putting lotions and makeup on your body that are going to heal, not damage. It matters! I’m always here if you need somebody to cheer you on as you choose health and life!

Praying for you my friend!

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