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Grandpa Called and Wants His Sweater Back

This past week has been a week of busy, productivity, new business ventures, new friends…… oh AND SNOW!!!!!



Hubby and I moved to Portland from Vancouver, WA about a month ago. The weather was starting to get warm, the sun was starting to be shiny for the most part and the night times were clear and beautiful. I was starting to think winter had made a short visit to us, and we would be seeing spring sooner than normal.



I received my Grandpa Sweater from 22nd & Everett Boutique in the mail thinking that I would be soon folding him up and putting it away for next fall/winter. To my surprise, I also received Protection Oil from All Elements Herbal.


I hadn’t really looked at the weather forecast in a few days (I’m normally obsessed with it, but have been way too busy lately to be obsessed with anything but work). I remember having the news on TV playing in the background as I worked and I faintly heard the weather lady say, “Snow expected tomorrow and throughout the week.” WAIT….. WHAT? WHAT? I haven’t been that excited in a long time. If you know me, you know I LOVE snow and rain (yes, hubby moved us from Texas a year ago to the perfect place for my favorite things, I have a hunch this move was all for my obsessions).


Needless to say, I STAYED in this grandpa sweater pretty much all week! I was able to wear it with different undershirts and with different pajama and yoga pants…. errrrr, I mean business pants. Okay, so I spend the majority of my work day in pajama or yoga pants. Perks of working from home y’all! Don’t judge…..


Ladies, if you have not checked out my friends from 22nd & Everett Online Boutique based out of Portland, OR, then you are obvy missing out! They have the CUTEST clothes, the ladies who run this boutique are hella awesome and the prices are legit. Go check them out and order all the fun clothes you can find!

P.S. that cute beanie is a gift from my sissy who lives in Oklahoma. It’s seriously my favorite beanie….it’s warm and super soft. Thank you sissy!!!! You know me so well! 



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