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Saturday 6

It’s Saturday…….er…technically it’s Sunday, as its 2am but I haven’t slept yet so……in Cryssie Land it’s still Saturday!!!!

Whoa, this week has been SO busy and full of creating so I won’t have a hard time listing six fun facts about my past week!


Saturday 6 One:

I created the best Borscht that had some amazing ingredients and…… hubby loved it for the win! (Recipe to come soon!)

IMG_8497 (1).JPG

Saturday 6 Two:

Holly’s Birthday was Tuesday and we had SO much fun celebrating her!  When Darin got home from work, we took her and Daisy to a park in the middle of the forest and went on a hike! Then she ate a big fat hamburger for her  birthday (her first human meal).


Saturday 6 Three:

Darin and I enjoyed the Portland Night Market last night with some friends and had a great time!!!!  The food was amazing and the atmosphere was pleasant.  We will definitely go to another one later!

Saturday 6 Four:

Darin and I spent our Saturday watching old TGIF shows…..we did this all day y’all!  Hulu now has so many of the shows finally!!!!!  I remember when I saw they had finally added Golden Girls…..Oh my goodness y’all…..such a great day! Now they just need to get Three’s Company and I’ll be happy!.


Saturday 6 Day Five:

Lazy, rainy, chilly Saturday – need I say more?


Saturday 6 Day Six:

Last but not least….. Hubby and I brain stormed this week and did so much creating for Project Purpose!  I’m excited to see what doors the Lord opens and I’m SO very thankful he blessed me with a husband who full on supports my dreams and encourages me every step of the way!  I’m blessed!


God is good.



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