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Mrs. Oregon International 2018

After intense paperwork and interviews, I am SO very excited to share that I was selected to represent the State of Oregon at the 2018 International Pageant next summer!!!!  I have worked hard to get to this point and couldn’t be more thrilled to represent this beautiful state!!


If you follow any of my social media outlets, then you know that my heart is to encourage, educate and spread awareness about pregnancy loss, infertility and PCOS!  You can learn more about my personal battle with all three topics here.

The next few months will be devoted to using my platform to be a voice for women who carry this silent pain!  We sit in silence feeling shame, sadness and frustration!  We’re in this together ladies!!!

I have so much planned for this next year!  If you are interested in collaborations or sponsorship please contact me at cryssie@cryssieaddis.org for more information!

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