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Happy First Birthday My Angel


A Birthday Letter to You:

To my baby,

Today would have been your first birthday.  I had been dreading today, unsure of how my heart would take it.  Unsure of what emotions would surface.  But it wasn’t a day of sadness like I had feared.  It was a day of remembering you and a day of peace.  I have grown so much from that cold day in January when I learned of you and learned that you were already leaving us.  The loss of you birthed a new direction for me.  They say babies change our lives when we have them and you definitely changed mine.  You changed my hopes and my dreams and you sparked a new life in me!

I miss you baby Addis.  I’ve missed you since the day my heart met you.  I love you and think about you every single day.  There will forever be one missing in our little family but you are not ever forgotten.

I miss you and I will forever love you with all of my heart and soul!

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