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National Grief Awareness Day

I’m so thankful Angie Cartwright founded National Grief Awareness Day in 2014.  This day is a day for us to be aware of the grief all around us.  Many are grieving and they go unnoticed.  If somebody passes away, we might hug them and tell them we are here for them but sadly life goes on for everybody.  We all go back to our days of busy work, busy families and events.  There is nothing wrong with that, that’s life.  That’s why I am thankful for a day of awareness for grief.

Be aware of the women and couples who struggle with infertility or have experienced pregnancy loss and long for a baby to fill those empty baby shoes we have stuffed in the back of our closet.


Remember that we go through an invisible grief that some people just won’t understand. We grieve and we feel a loss that is so unique and so novel.  So, if you have a woman or a couple in your life who struggle from either of these, whether you understand it or not, make sure to reach out to them often and just love them.  Darin and I are so blessed with an amazing support system who does just this and they will never know how much their love means to us.

Today, if you have anybody in your life who is grieving, let today remind you of somebody else’s pain.  Send them encouraging words, a scripture or just simply reach out and say, “I love you.”  We don’t always want to talk about our grief or our pain but we do have those bad days where a sporadic text from a loved one can make a world of difference.

National Grief Awareness Day – It matters.

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